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Community of Caring

Dear Milltown Parents:                                  November 30, 2011  

 The Community of Caring has started its next charity event-

The Snowbuddy Holiday Gift Drive !!!!

In the spirit of the holiday season, we wanted to brighten the holidays for underprivileged children in our area by giving them gifts that they have wished for. We contacted a local agency, which provided us a list of 50 children and their wishes. We also have about 10 of our own children here at Milltown School that we will be sponsoring.  The charity will run from 11/28- 12/12.  So, how does this work??? There will be two different ways to participate:


 Snowbuddy Tags

There will be “Snowbuddy” tags available for parents and staff to take from the “Snowman” by the Giving Tree in the main lobby.  Each Snowbuddy tag will have the name, gender, and description of the gift on it. For example: “John, boy, age 6, Legos”.  You can select a Snowbuddy Tag and check it out with Mrs. Meola and/or Mrs. Borell in the main office. Then you purchase the gift and send the unwrapped gift back with the Snowbuddy tag. It cannot be wrapped as we are giving these gifts to the parents of these underprivileged children so they can wrap it themselves and give their own children these gifts.

** We understand it may not be possible for you to come to Milltown School to choose a Snowbuddy tag.  In this case, please send an email to both your child’s homeroom teacher and Mrs. Borell stating you will allow your child to pick a “Snowbuddy”. Let us know the price range and we can help your child pick out an appropriate Snowbuddy tag and sign it out in the office.  Thank you so much!!!!


 Collection towards more costly items on wish list

There are about 85  Snowbuddy Tags, and we really would like to give the opportunity for all of our Milltown community to participate. So, here’s a way to help out if you are not able to pick up a White Snowbuddy Tag:

There are some more costly items on the childrens’ wish list such as bikes, scooters, MP3 players, and clothing/shoes that are displayed on the Blue Snowbuddy tags.  

You may choose to:

1)     Give a donation towards the purchase of these items. Please send the donations in an envelope marked “Holiday Drive” along with your child’s name and homeroom teacher’s name.  Mrs. Meola and Mrs. Borell will collect the money in the main office.  

2)     Take a Blue Snowbuddy Tag and share the cost with a few other parents.

3)     Contribute towards the purchase of the item if your homeroom parents are sponsoring a Blue Snowbuddy.  Homeroom parents will collect the money and they will purchase the gift.


This charity is one that will really impact our children.  They will learn the importance of giving to others in a real, tangible way. If possible, it is encouraged for you to take your child shopping for the gift. It is wonderful for them to actually experience the joy of giving!  We hope you can help support us!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.



The Community of Caring

Chairperson of Snowbuddies Holiday Gift Drive: Debbie Shah-Patel

Co-chair of Snowbuddies Holiday Gift Drive: Jeannette Martinez

Updated: October 2011

Thank You 

Wow! The Community of Caring is really beginning to have an impact on our students and their families. The Walk a Thon raised $2,000 with half of the proceeds going to support designated local charities. The One for Books coin collecting campaign that took place during the book fair raised $1200 and Scholastic is donating 1,200 books to schools of their choice that were damaged from the hurricane. They are also giving $1,200 worth of books to the Community of Caring. The books will be donated to local towns who were affected by the flooding. Your generosity is very appreciated and is being put to good use right in our local area!!!! The best part is that the students are starting to really understand the "why" behind these iniatives. 

Halloween Candy Collection

Our Community of Caring will be collecting leftover and unwanted wrapped candy beginning Tuesday, November 1st through Wednesday, November 9th.  There will be a large bin in the lobby near our Giving Tree.  Wrapped candy/chocolate can be brought to school in a plastic bag.  Your child can bring it to their classroom and our student ambassadors will collect them to bring to the bin.  The candy will be sorted and placed in bags decorated by Milltown students.   Donations will go to SHIP and local area soup kitchens. 

Coat Drive

Our Coat Drive is doing extremely well!  Students and staff have been bringing in lots of gently used coats as well as scarves and gloves!  So far, we have collected 66 children’s coats, 17 adult coats, 22 pairs of gloves and 17 scarves!  The coat drive will run until November 23rd. Donations of new or gently used coats (children or adult), scarves and gloves are still being accepted. No hats please. Bins are in the lobby under our Giving Tree. You can send your donations to school in a plastic bag with your child.  They will be collected in their classrooms by our student ambassadors. Donations will go to FISH and the Somerset Food Bank, who will distribute the collected items to families in need.

Positive Vibes 

In the last few weeks staff members have received little caring notes from the Community of Caring committee, letting them each know how much they are appreciated at our school. The children have received special notes from their teachers, as well. These little notes have made everyone feel so special. The children will now have the chance to write compliments to the staff. This will take place at the Community of Caring station in the cafe. Encourage your child to write a positive note to his/her teacher or to another staff member. 

Each morning, some of our Community of Caring Ambassadors have been sharing information about our Community of Caring activities such as our coat drive.   The information that they are sharing is very informative and it shows how passionate they are about helping others. 

Learning by Example

The most powerful learning is by example.  As a school, we have the ability to help teach children how to care about others and think of others in need.  It is one thing to talk to children about this but to actually involve them in the process is so much more meaningful.  The children at Milltown School already seem to be embracing this philosophy.  This caring for others is being seen throughout the day.  Please try to reinforce this at home whenever the teachable moment arises.  So, next time when you are out, and you see someone who could use a hand, jump in and help them out.  Your child will see how the little things really make a  difference.

On behalf of those we are serving and helping, we thank you for your continued kindess and generosity.

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